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Chantecaille bluemercury

Olivia Chantecaille opens up the art-filled, French-infused New York loft that she shares with her husband and new baby.


Sylvie Chantecaille: The relationship between women and adorableness has not changed – but the landscape surrounding it has.  It’s an acute and private alliance— a woman wants to be beautiful, and needs adorableness products for security, comfort, strength, and a faculty of self.  How a woman expresses, discovers and obtains adorableness is different today, there are new portals – the internet and social media – that help them find products and gain knowledge and express their adorableness and adorableness ideals.

Chantecaille france

May 21, 2018 ... Chantecaille Summer 2018 Collection is inspired by summers spent basking in the Italian sunshine on the Amalfi Coast, and it immediately ...

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But women still come to food – they visit for animal warmth, guidance, and contact.  They return for recognition, for help, and more now than ever, for experience. The acquaintance is something a store can accord that the internet can not.  The future of retail depends on giving customers the experience.

Chantecaille moisturizer

Aug 8, 2018 ... Hi Everyone! Chantecaille is available from and Space NK, Liberty, Harrods, Neiman Marcus and Bloomingdales.

Just Another Fashion Blog | by lisa dengler

This Thursday, April 5th, we’re adulatory Chantecaille’s 20th anniversary with Linda Fargo and Sylvie Chantecaille herself on our beauty level from 4PM-6PM. Ahead of the event, we sat down with the mastermind behind the beauty authority to pick her brain about the industry, what she’s learned as a leader, and her daily routine.

Chantecaille frangipane

Apr 2, 2018 ... 5th at 58th – The Bergdorf Goodman Blog. Women's · Women's .... Chantecaille. Rose de Mai Cream. Chantecaille. Nano Gold Energizing Eye ...

Inside a Beauty Maven’s Stunning Home

Last year about this time, we chatted with Alex Chantecaille, carnality president of sales and promotions for Chantecaille, about her company’s work to protect the wolves of Yellowstone National Park and her travels to Istanbul. It’s been another busy year for Alex.

Chantecaille concealer

Saving Lions, Cause-metics and Skin Care Secrets with World Traveler Alex Chantecaille. By Jeff Powell, Blogs Editor on August 25, 2016. Last year about this ...

Forest Friends: Rainforest Alliance and Chantecaille Beauté

SC: The most rewarding things about running your own business is the joy you experience back you see an idea appear to life and bring beatitude to others, and working with people who are great in so many ways – back you run a business you choose who you surround yourself with, and that is a wonderful, inspiring prerogative to have.

Chantecaille beaute inc

Mar 9, 2018 ... A botanical beauty brand that also makes a difference? Hell yes. I'm so happy to share with you Chantecaille, an environmentally conscious ...

Saving Lions, Cause-metics and Skin Care Secrets with World Traveler Alex Chantecaille

SC: Pure Rosewater – our 100% Pure Rose de Mai from Grasse, France.  Why use water when you can use Pure Rosewater? What makes the Rose de Mai so special is how rare it is—it is only harvested one month a year in May, at dawn during the first bloom.  The scent is spectacular and the effects are healing and powerful not only to the skin but to the soul and psyche. It soothes and calms, is loaded with antioxidants, tones the skin, sets makeup, and refreshes skin.  For the mind, it soothes or calms you during a bad day or if you’ve had poor sleep. I do not go anywhere without my bottle of Pure Rosewater.

Chantecaille skincare

Jan 17, 2018 ... Chantecaille Beauté partnered with the Rainforest Alliance in late ... Read More:

5 Questions: Sylvie Chantecaille

We spent some time learning about Chantecaille’s newest endeavor to support conservation and hearing about her favorite places from her extensive, enviable biking calendar. Catch up with Alex, pick up a few new beauty secrets and learn added about the new Protect the Lions Collection, from which 5% of proceeds will be donated to Lion Guardians in Africa.

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Chantecaille - Contour Fill - 1pc

Chantecaille - Contour Fill - 1pc

A colorless, easy to use pencilContains plumping vegetal derived amino acidsHelps build up lip contour & even out fine lines along lip lineEnriched with aloe vera & vitamin E to nourish lipsMakes your lips look fuller & smoother
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Deal found at: Walmart
Chantecaille Future Skin Oil Free Gel Foundation - Nude 30g|1oz

Chantecaille Future Skin Oil Free Gel Foundation - Nude 30g|1oz

Oil-free gel foundation with SPF10 protection Contains 60% charged water & seaweed Has a refreshing, lightweight texture Gives matte finish & adjustable coverage Minimizes water loss & blocks oxidation Light reflective circular pigment eases appearance of flaws Provides a natural & flawless complexion SKU : ADIB004EHRUK8
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Deal found at: Walmart
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